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Meet The Hamiltons.

Another week, another family! This past week I made my way to Golden Gardens Park in Seattle, where I meet my friend Christalle and her family. Christalle and I have developed a friendship over the last few years, a friendship I’m very thankful for….

Meet the Bergs.

I’m a part of a big community of people at my church, Washington Cathedral. I’ve been attending this church for nine years and throughout this time, I’ve met lots of new people. Every once in a while I get to spend time with some…

Meet the Eyers.

I live in a great neighborhood! Our hood is full of families and when the weather cooperates, I spend a lot of time outside hanging with my neighbors while the kids play. There is something about community that makes life more joyful. Parenting is…

Meet Will & Anna.

There is something so exciting about engagement, wedding, and marriage talk. It’s so intriguing to hear and see two people talk about their love. Stories of how they met, their wedding plans, their future, I just love to hear that stuff. But what I love even…

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