Meet the Guenthers.


This weekend I made my way to the mountains to photograph some friends. One thing I’m learning about the PNW is that the weather doesn’t always cooperate. That can make photographing tough. But there are so many beautiful places in Washington and this location didn’t disappoint.

David, Tiffany, and Rosalind happily obliged taking photos at this beautiful lake. It was freezing cold and we only got 15 mins of shooting before it started raining. Luckily these guys brought their A game and we got some cute shots of their little family. It was so fun taking pictures of them, they are laid back, go with the flow, kind of people and I love that about them! I’ve know them both for many years and that’s been true of them since we first meet. They are just good, hardworking people, who always treat others with kindness. We don’t get to see each as much these days, with our busy schedules, but it’s great having friends like them ❤️


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