Meet the McCarys.


Last Sunday, I spent the early evening taking family picture for Ben, Becca, Eva, and baby Oscar. Ben and Becca have been apart of my life for many years. Back in 2004, our siblings got married and through their marriage I’ve become part of the White, Diaz, McCary, Jacobs family. We are also apart of the same church family. Becca was Alex’s pastor for the last three years. Becca’s heart for kids has played an important role in Alex’s faith. Week after week I watched her play, engage, love, and pour into each and every kid in her group. Alex grew so much in her time with Becca and I know she has a better understanding of what it means to follow Jesus because of Becca’s investment. Ben has a heart for youth and prison ministry. He served many years as a youth pastor for the church and then his curiosity led him to pursued a career in data analysis. Ben is a hard working, devoted husband and dad and together Ben and Becca make a great team. They’re great pastors, parents, and friends. I’m glad to be a part of their lives and look forward to our continued friendship.


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